Perfectly Packaged Treatments

Treatments perfectly packaged together for extra savings.

Nail Treatments (Hands)

A wide selection of nail system treatments to suit everyone's hands.

Nail Treatments (Feet)

A selection of foot and nail treatments to suit everyone's feet.

Add On Treatments (Nails)

Additional nail services to complement your nail appointment. NOT TO BE BOOKED AS A STAND-ALONE TREATMENT.

Mobile Appointment (Nails Only)

Mobile appointments available Mon-Fri from 10am to 4pm. Travel charges may apply*

Eyelash Extensions

A variety of lash extension treatments to define your eyes.

Eye & Brow Treatments

A variety of eye enhancement treatments to define your eyes and brows.

Add On Treatments (Eyes & Brows)

Additional services to complement your eye/brow appointment. NOT TO BE BOOKED AS A STAND ALONE TREATMENT.

Nail Biting Recovery Programme

An 8 week program to stop nail biting and grow healthy, strong nails.

Mini Treatments (15 years and under)

A selection of mini treatments especially for younger hands, feet and faces.